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4 Surprising Ways Sex Can Benefit Your Physical Health

28th Feb 2017

Sex is, perhaps, the most natural action that we humans can take. Human beings are no different from any other creature on our planet when it comes to reproduction – it could be argued that the urge to reproduce drives our every action.

As The Bloodhound Gang immortalized it in their 1999 track “Bad Touch” – “You and me baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals / so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel”.

Sex is natural, fun, and guess what – it’s good for you! And not just for your mind, as we’ve touched upon in our previous article. Sex can have some surprising benefits for your physical health, which we’ll look at below.


1. Having Sex Makes Sex Better! (Seriously!)


03rd May 2016

“Churning the butter”, “Vulcanising the whoopee stick”, “Threading the needle”, “Sinking the sausage.”

No matter what you want to call it, we’re all familiar with sex. We’ve been there, we’ve done it, we’ve had our own personal failures and successes while tumbling between the sheets. But there are a lot of things about doing the deed that may surprise you and even recondition the way you approach your next feather bed jig.

Sexercise is actually a thing. That’s right; a 30-minute session of passionate pounding can burn about 200 calories. That’s roughly the equivalent of 60 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of jogging on a treadmill, or 20 minutes of swimming. Why not burn off that next slice of cheese pizza with a cheeky core-gasm?

Spice up your sex life using games with an adult twist

19th Apr 2016

No, we’re not saying the spark has fizzled out in your bedroom. Rather, we’d like to provide you with some quirky ideas to mix things up a little bit utilising some common games but putting an X-rated spin on them! A lot of the materials you may already own, and anything you don’t can be bought easily with a small budget – a small investment to supercharge your sexual relationship(s) sounds pretty, good, right? Well, without further ado, here are some solid ideas to increase the kink in your boudoir.


Use a lead pencil (or a Sharpie if you’d like to make it permanent) to write numbers on each of the blocks – 54 in total if it’s the ‘typical’ set. Once you’ve done that, come up with a list of sexual favours and mark them from 1 to 54. When you remove a block, your partner then performs the corresponding action.

Make up your own ‘punishment’ for whoever topples the tower!


Oil and nudity. Need we say more?


Can Your Language Really Affect Your Relationships?

02nd Feb 2016

The short answer is: “yes”. Language was invented for one reason, gents: to woo women. As language is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal, this is one area in which laziness just won’t do. Your vocabulary (and the way you use it) has a distinct effect on how attractive you are to the opposite sex. When you’re trying to win over a girl, subconsciously, the woman you’re speaking to is making a mental judgement of how attractive you are by the words you choose.

Here are some tips on making your words work for you when mastering the art of seduction.

How Sex Improves Your Mental Health

25th Jan 2016

Let’s be honest, sex is one of the most satisfying, intimate experiences you can have with someone else. And recent research has given us yet another incredible reason to enjoy it. Everyone knows that sex can improve your physical health. However, did you know sex can be extremely beneficial to your mental and emotional health? Check out the ways sex can improve your inner self.

Lowers Stress – From our social, work and family lives, life is filled with stress, and sadly, no one is immune to it. While you can’t stop it, there are ways to lessen its effects. Sex stimulates the production of happy hormones – endorphins and oxytocin – which reduce your cortisol levels and lower your blood pressure. Research has also shown that sex can reduce future stress responses. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, some intimate time may be in order.

Emmeline Peaches | A Brief Introduction to Hiring an Escort

A Brief Introduction to Hiring an Escort

12th Jun 2016

Guest Blog - by Emmeline Peaches


Deciding to hire an escort can be an incredibly exciting experience, but it can also be daunting beyond belief. When hiring an escort there’s a lot to consider and if you want both yourself and your companion to have a good experience then it pays to be prepared.

Making sure you’re armed with the proper information will help you get the most out of your experience and leave you with memories you’ll never forget for all the right reasons. While this article is in no way comprehensive, allow me to run through some of the most essential primers for making your first time with an escort truly phenomenal.

Do Your Research In Advance

Recommended Reading: The Honest Courtesan – Frank commentary from a retired callgirl

09th Feb 2015

These modern, busy times make it difficult to find time to indulge in the simple pleasures, however, one thing I always make time for in my hectic schedule is to read the latest update from my favourite blog by the wonderfully witty and informed Maggie McNeill.

Her sharp mind and sharper tongue provide captivating commentary on a wide range of topics, mostly surrounding her fierce activism for Sex Worker Rights throughout the US and the world, as well as her experiences as a courtesan and madam, the origins and history of the profession and – my personal favourite! – her short stories, fictional works that are delightfully dark at times.

Touching Base - connecting Sex Workers and people with Disability

Touching Base

19th Jan 2015

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the incredibly inspirational charity organisation, Touching Base.


For those in the industry who are unaware, Touching Base is a Sydney based organisation that helps to connect sex workers and people with disability. They provide information and assistance with access, legal and human rights issues, advocacy, as well as running Training Workshops for both participants who are connected to a disability organisation or who directly support people with disability, and sex workers that would like to gain greater awareness and skills in regards to working with clients that have special needs.


Escort Etiquette - the Dos and Don'ts of Booking an Escort

29th Dec 2014

If you are considering booking an escort for the first time, it can be understandably daunting. There are few things more thrilling than that initial encounter – the build-up of anticipation, the nervous butterflies in the stomach, the heightened arousal and excitement of a new sexual experience. Knowing the right way to go about arranging your booking can impact the overall enjoyment of the experience for you and your escort of choice.
I have written this article as general advice for those who are thinking about making that first appointment, or perhaps those who have attempted to approach escorts in the past and might be uncertain as to why they have not been successful.

Dirty Playbook - your guide to Adult fun Australia-wide

Welcome to Dirty Playbook

03rd Nov 2014

Welcome to Dirty Playbook – your guide to Adult fun throughout Australia!

We are extremely excited to introduce our comprehensive new online directory for Adult Services and Entertainment. Our aim is to help you find whatever naughty adventure you are seeking in your city, whether that be a sensual liaison with an elite and passionate Private Escort, your nearest Adult Store to find that perfect gift for that special someone (or yourself!), a sexy Stripper for your Bucks or Hens night, a high-class brothel or massage parlour to unwind and relax, gorgeous promotional waiters or waitresses to impress at your next corporate event and so much more.