4 Surprising Ways Sex Can Benefit Your Physical Health | Dirty Playbook Blog
28th Feb 2017

Sex is, perhaps, the most natural action that we humans can take. Human beings are no different from any other creature on our planet when it comes to reproduction – it could be argued that the urge to reproduce drives our every action.

As The Bloodhound Gang immortalized it in their 1999 track “Bad Touch” – “You and me baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals / so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel”.

Sex is natural, fun, and guess what – it’s good for you! And not just for your mind, as we’ve touched upon in our previous article. Sex can have some surprising benefits for your physical health, which we’ll look at below.


1. Having Sex Makes Sex Better! (Seriously!)

Okay, this may sound like a paradox – but seriously, having sex makes sex better – and makes you want more of it. Having sex regularly boosts your libido and your sex drive.

This is what’s called a “positive feedback loop”. The more you “do the dirty” with your partner, the more likely you both are to want more sex – and since you’ll be enjoying it more when you perform the act, this loop will continue, and contribute to a great libido, active sex life, and increased happiness.


2. Great Sex Is Hard Work – Which Means It Counts As Exercise!

Sex isn’t going to replace the treadmill, weight room, or gym when it comes to keeping you fit and healthy – but it can be a surprisingly vigorous workout (especially if you’re doing it right!).

Sex typically involves dozens of muscle groups, and many different positions, forcing your muscles and your cardiovascular system to engage. Sex typically burns about 5 calories per minute, or more depending on the specifics of your, uh… tastes.

That means that a 30 minute session will put you at 150 calories burned – slightly more than you would burn walking at a moderate pace. Active sex functions as exercise – it reduces your chance of heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, and a myriad of other health problems.

So while you may not want to cancel your gym membership, getting a healthy, fun workout (for two!) can be a great way to boost your health – not to mention your mood!


3. Reduces Risk Of Prostate Cancer

A recent study by the AMA found that men who ejaculate more than 21 times per month have a lowered risk of prostate cancer. The scientists still aren’t quite sure of the method by which frequent… satisfaction prevents prostate cancer, but the results are conclusive, nonetheless.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean sex – you could “take care of yourself” and reap the same benefits – but hey, that wouldn’t be as much fun, now would it?


4. Sex Is A Natural Analgesic (No, Not That Kind Of Anal!)

“Analgesic” is a medical term for a painkiller – and sex is nature’s greatest painkiller.

It’s been shown that achieving orgasm can help relieve pain – and that even showing people pictures of their sexual partners or loved ones can help them take their minds off of physical pain.

One working theory about this phenomenon has to do with the body and its processing power – when you’re having sex, your mind and your senses are totally laser-focused on your partner, and on the sensations you’re experiencing. This leaves less room for your brain to interpret pain signals, and reducing pain.


Sex Is Your Path To Better Health – Or At Least A Real Good Time!

If you’re in-between relationships, don’t have time to form a partnership with someone, or otherwise are unable to have regular sex, you’re missing out on health benefits – not to mention a real good time.

So let us help you out. Dirty Playbook can help you experience the physical benefits of sex – without the commitment. Browse our listings and discover an array of professional escorts and adult service providers – but remember, we don’t guarantee anything but a great time.


Image via Pexels