Emmeline Peaches | A Brief Introduction to Hiring an Escort
12th Jun 2016

Guest Blog - by Emmeline Peaches


Deciding to hire an escort can be an incredibly exciting experience, but it can also be daunting beyond belief. When hiring an escort there’s a lot to consider and if you want both yourself and your companion to have a good experience then it pays to be prepared.

Making sure you’re armed with the proper information will help you get the most out of your experience and leave you with memories you’ll never forget for all the right reasons. While this article is in no way comprehensive, allow me to run through some of the most essential primers for making your first time with an escort truly phenomenal.

Do Your Research In Advance

Agencies, brothels, independent escorts, websites, and more. Nowadays escorts are more accessible than ever before. In order to pick out your ideal companion make sure you do your research. Look at various sites, read escort reviews, find out the process for hiring your chosen escort, and, of course, check out the legalities of the situation. The internet is your friend in this situation. Sites such as Dirty Playbook even compile and verify escorts for you so that you can make an informed choice.

Follow Common Escort Etiquette

Much as with any other business venture you’ll want to make sure that you know and follow the right etiquette when meeting your chosen escort. Be punctual. If you’re meeting up in a public place then treat your companion in a friendly way, as if greeting an associate that you already know. Make sure that your personal hygiene is in good order and don’t ask that you ‘skip’ safety barriers such as condoms. Never get drunk beforehand. Start your meeting in a friendly manner and allow your escort to lead the situation. Don’t pressure them into anything and consider their enjoyment too. The experience will be much better if you’re both having a good time. Tipping is not a necessary part of the process but if you’ve really enjoyed the service your escort provided then it’s a nice way to show them this. Feedback can also be incredibly useful but don’t be overly enthusiastic. If you feel uncertain about anything in particular then check in advance via email. It’s much better to know in advance and will also reassure your escort that you’ve been thoughtful with regards to hiring them.

Respect Your Escort

The most sincere sexual encounters come from a place of mutual respect. This is no different with escorts. Be courteous and polite, show them that you value the service that they’re providing. Respect any boundaries that they have put in to place and participate in enthusiastic consent. If your escort asks you to slow down, reposition, or stop at any point during your session then listen. You may have hired a companion for sexual purposes but it is the person, not the sex, which makes the experience valuable (in fact you may mutually decide that sex isn’t necessary during the first session and that’s fine too).

While there’s still a lot more that goes in to hiring an escort I hope that this post makes you feel a bit more confident in making those first crucial steps.