02nd Feb 2016

The short answer is: “yes”. Language was invented for one reason, gents: to woo women. As language is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal, this is one area in which laziness just won’t do. Your vocabulary (and the way you use it) has a distinct effect on how attractive you are to the opposite sex. When you’re trying to win over a girl, subconsciously, the woman you’re speaking to is making a mental judgement of how attractive you are by the words you choose.

Here are some tips on making your words work for you when mastering the art of seduction.

Remove Uncertain Interjections – Filling your sentences with “ums”, “ers,” and “likes” is a sure sign you do not know what you really want to say. It can be hard to follow and detracts from your central message. It’s also a sign that you aren’t confident. And as you know, confidence is an integral part of attractiveness. Force yourself to listen out for these unnecessary sentence fillers and force them out of your vocabulary.

Use Interesting Words (That You Know Well) – You can only tell a woman she is “beautiful” or “sexy” so many times before she questions whether she’s conversing with an intelligent man. It’s time to improve your vocab. Tell your date she is stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking – use every synonym you know.

Show off the extent of your lexicon with every subject you discuss with your date. However, ensure you use each word in context and that you know the meaning of the words you use. Pretending can be smelled a mile away!
Boost Your Textual Chemistry – In the age of Facebook and Twitter, grammatical and spelling mistakes have never been more noticeable (or frustrating). So it’s hardly surprising that most women decide whether or not to pursue a man based on his spelling and grammatical skills after their first digital encounter.

Many men fall short in this area, as they feel sticking to spelling and punctuation rules is not important in the digital space. The truth is, the exact opposite is true. Whether reading a text message or Facebook post, spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes become glaringly noticeable. And, let’s be honest, “You look incredibly beautiful in that dress” is more likely to open doors than “ur hot babe”.

Remember, you don’t have to recite poetry or use every 10-syllable word you know to impress your date. However, putting some effort into the way you speak can speak volumes in her perception of how attractive you are.