29th Dec 2014

If you are considering booking an escort for the first time, it can be understandably daunting. There are few things more thrilling than that initial encounter – the build-up of anticipation, the nervous butterflies in the stomach, the heightened arousal and excitement of a new sexual experience. Knowing the right way to go about arranging your booking can impact the overall enjoyment of the experience for you and your escort of choice.
I have written this article as general advice for those who are thinking about making that first appointment, or perhaps those who have attempted to approach escorts in the past and might be uncertain as to why they have not been successful.

Do Your Research
This is the most important first step when thinking about booking time with an escort. All the information you could possibly need or want when deciding to see an escort is contained within their advertisement or website. The major pet hate of any professional escort is being bombarded with questions from potential clients that are already answered within their ad. If their ad contains a link to their website, you should make sure you take the time to read through it as well, not just look at the pictures and the rates! The more thoroughly you read the information provided, the more prepared you will be for your meeting, and the more successful and enjoyable the encounter will be. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to memorise every line of text! Just ensure that everything you are looking for and any questions you have are covered before you make contact to ensure that this particular escort provides the kind of service you want and you are comfortable with her rates and method of payment.

Initial Contact
Your first impression is important, and can often be the deciding factor for the escort on whether they take your enquiry seriously and will respond to you. Firstly, you have done your research, so you will know whether they prefer to be contacted via Phone, SMS or Email. Respect this preference and ensure you use that preferred method.

If contacting by Phone, you must unblock your number. It is highly unlikely that your call will be answered if it is set to Private. Make sure you call within the specified times as indicated in the advertisement, or – if there is no specified time – at a reasonable hour when it is expected they will be available to take your call, not at 3 o’clock in the morning. Be polite, start by introducing yourself and explaining that you are calling in regards to the ad and that you were interested in arranging an appointment.

If contacting via SMS or Email, it is important that you use proper spelling and punctuation, and write in full and complete sentences, no abbreviations or emoticons! No vulgar language, no explicit content, just polite and proper. As you would via phone, start by introducing yourself, where you saw their ad, and that you are interested in arranging an appointment. The more information you provide the better, including your name, your age, profession; not an essay but enough for the escort to get a bit of an idea about who you are. Also include details such as the date and time you were interested in meeting, and the duration of the booking you were considering.

Secondly, always BE POLITE! At no time is it ok to be rude, crude or disrespectful. Do not be sexually explicit – they do not want you to send them nude selfies and to hear about what an amazing lover you are and the things you want to do to them – this is a professional service, and you should conduct yourself as such, just as if you were seeking the services of a lawyer or accountant.

Things NOT to do or say during your initial contact are:

- Ask questions that have already been answered in the ad or on the website. You should have done your homework and know the answers to these questions already.
- Haggle over the price. The rates are clearly stated within the ad and are NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you are not prepared to pay the rates as listed then choose another escort that is within your budget.
- Be overly vulgar, or engage in any dirty talk or sexually explicit conversation.
- Ask for services that are not on offer. If the ad or the website say a particular service is not available, DO NOT request it. It makes everyone uncomfortable when you are refused, and can ruin the atmosphere and spoil the experience for both of you, and even possibly result in your enquiry not being responded to at all.

You CAN of course ask questions that have not been covered within the ad, or clarify something that might be unclear. Escorts in both Queensland and Melbourne are by law unable to list their services, so it is expected that if you are contacting someone within these states that you will want to find out what precisely is available to you during your appointment, and request more details as to the services they offer.

Before the Appointment
So you have successfully set up your appointment and today is the big day! There are a few key things you need to ensure before your experience begins.

The money. You already know exactly how much your donation is for your booking, so you should have this already prepared before you see your escort. Each escort has their own preferred way of handling the transaction, however, unless they have specified how they prefer payment – some choose a Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer in advance, others have merchant facilities and can receive Credit Card or Eftpos payments – then having the correct money in an unmarked, unsealed envelope ready to hand over at the very beginning of your meeting is always best – gets it out of the way with no awkwardness so you can get into the enjoyment of the encounter.

Personal Hygiene. This is something that needs to be considered. When you are anticipating being intimate and sharing close personal space with someone, you should always be freshly showered, clean, nice smelling and shaved. Remember, this is a date! And your escort will ensure they are impeccably groomed for you – it would be polite for you to put in a bit of an effort to return the favour! Chew on a mint or some gum 10 minutes prior to your meeting – there is nothing that is a bigger turn off than bad breath! If you use perfume or cologne use it sparingly – a touch behind the ears or on the wrists – you do not want that taste in your mouth, so avoid anywhere that you are hoping for lips to touch! Being clean-shaven or trimmed is important particularly in those areas that you want attention paid to – no one wants a sanding-down when things are heating up!

Incalls – if you are hosting and your escort is coming to your home or hotel, make sure you are prepared for company. Your place and particularly your play areas should be clean and tidy – no dirty dishes or towels lying around, no smelly socks on the floor and the bathroom should be clean as your escort may wish to shower after your date. Not necessarily a white-glove inspection, hospital grade scrub-down, but definitely tidy as you would for any other respected guests. Make sure you are home and waiting at the scheduled time, and to let them know in advance if you are running late. Also, while answering the door in a robe or similar is fine, it is probably wisest not to answer the door wearing nothing at all. It would be polite to have refreshments on offer, but don’t be offended if these are declined, and if drinks are offered, having them in sealed bottles is always best.

Outcalls – if you are visiting the escort at their home or hotel, discretion is always key. You have been privileged with private information which should not be shared with anyone. You should make sure you let them know in advance if you are running late, and if you are, be aware and do not assume that if you are ten minutes late you can stay 10 minutes later than your original booking time was scheduled to end – they may not be able to accommodate you. Be discreet – if you are supposed to call when you arrive at the apartment building or hotel, call from the car, not from the lobby. If you arrive early, wait until your scheduled appointment time before you call or approach the door.

After the Booking
Whilst most escorts are not precisely clock-watchers, you have paid for a certain amount of time and once that time is up it is best not to overstay your welcome, unless you are prepared to pay for additional time and your escort is able to accommodate this request. If you feel like you would like to send a polite email or text the following day thanking the escort for a wonderful time I am sure it would be very highly appreciated, however, a constant barrage of texts, calls and emails – if not arranging another booking – might not be so welcome.
Gifts and tips are always welcome, although not expected. If you feel like you would like to present your escort with a little something extra, don’t be shy – many escorts include a Wish List in their ad or website containing some of their favourite lingerie, perfume and flowers for gift inspiration.

I hope this makes things a little less nerve-racking for you first-timers, and helps you get the most out of your experience with one of these amazing, elite Dirty Playbook Private Escorts! Always remember – the more respect you give the more you receive, and if you are polite, courteous and respectful, it will ensure a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience!