09th Feb 2015

These modern, busy times make it difficult to find time to indulge in the simple pleasures, however, one thing I always make time for in my hectic schedule is to read the latest update from my favourite blog by the wonderfully witty and informed Maggie McNeill.

Her sharp mind and sharper tongue provide captivating commentary on a wide range of topics, mostly surrounding her fierce activism for Sex Worker Rights throughout the US and the world, as well as her experiences as a courtesan and madam, the origins and history of the profession and – my personal favourite! – her short stories, fictional works that are delightfully dark at times.

I personally consider this blog a must-read for those working within the sex industry – although Maggie herself is based in the US, her articles are relevant worldwide and she provides so much information about the current events impacting those working in and around the adult industry throughout the world. Please find the link to her blog below and I hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I do!


Recommended Reading: The Honest Courtesan – Frank commentary from a retired callgirl


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