19th Apr 2016

No, we’re not saying the spark has fizzled out in your bedroom. Rather, we’d like to provide you with some quirky ideas to mix things up a little bit utilising some common games but putting an X-rated spin on them! A lot of the materials you may already own, and anything you don’t can be bought easily with a small budget – a small investment to supercharge your sexual relationship(s) sounds pretty, good, right? Well, without further ado, here are some solid ideas to increase the kink in your boudoir.


Use a lead pencil (or a Sharpie if you’d like to make it permanent) to write numbers on each of the blocks – 54 in total if it’s the ‘typical’ set. Once you’ve done that, come up with a list of sexual favours and mark them from 1 to 54. When you remove a block, your partner then performs the corresponding action.

Make up your own ‘punishment’ for whoever topples the tower!


Oil and nudity. Need we say more?


An oldie but definitely still a goodie. You can go with the traditional method and take off one piece of clothing for each hand you lose in a 5-card stud game. Another approach is to play the ever-popular Texas Hold ‘em version, where you have several opportunities to bet throughout one round. You might find yourself completely naked after the first hand, so bet with caution!


Spend a little bit of time and put little notes under each street name with sexual acts. Play as you would normally, but whenever you or your partner lands on the other’s property, the act must be performed. You can also replace some (or all) of the ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards with sexual favours to make it even hotter.

In Jail? Don’t forget the handcuffs!


Create 2 lists – one of body parts and one of sexual favours. Use 2 differently-coloured or marked dice to roll, and match each favour to the body part to perform on your partner.


Like beer pong but a whole lot better! Arrange six good-sized cups at each end of your dining table and, standing at opposite ends, take it in turns to try and throw table tennis balls into each other’s cups. Each time you score, they remove a piece of clothing and vice versa. Whoever scores in all six cups first can ask for a sexual favour.