Touching Base - connecting Sex Workers and people with Disability
19th Jan 2015

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the incredibly inspirational charity organisation, Touching Base.


For those in the industry who are unaware, Touching Base is a Sydney based organisation that helps to connect sex workers and people with disability. They provide information and assistance with access, legal and human rights issues, advocacy, as well as running Training Workshops for both participants who are connected to a disability organisation or who directly support people with disability, and sex workers that would like to gain greater awareness and skills in regards to working with clients that have special needs.


Touching Base also has a Referral List of Disability-Friendly Sex Service Providers that is provided to people with disability, their carers or family when requested. If you are interested in becoming a member, sponsor, volunteer, to donate to the organisation or if you would like more information about the next available Training Workshops, please use the links provided below and help support this wonderful organisation.



Phone:       0424 591 409




Mail:          Touching Base Inc

                  PO Box 523

                  Newtown NSW 2042