Tour and incall dates!

I’ll be in the city in Melbourne on the afternoon of Sunday 17th till the morning of the 18th, then again on Tuesday 19th till 20th.
Then flying away to Canberra from 21st-23rd, I’ll be super close to the city, and available from 3pm x

Outcalls To Regional NSW

I am now offering outcalls to those living within a 2hr driving distance from Canberra! I understand finding time to make it to Canberra can be difficult for a lot of my clients who live in nearby towns, so I’ve decided to make it a bit easier for you.


So there are a few topics i feel i want to talk about at the moment and hopefully this blog will answer some of your questions. And hopefully put us all on the same page. Over the last few months i have been travelling alot around Australia and there are a number of reasons why i have been doing that. Partly to just enjoy the travelling and trying out different places and experience new places.